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Are you looking to replace a worn handle on a trusty tool? Maybe you're repurposing a tool handle for use in another application! Whatever your unique needs may be, Surplus Tools & Commodities has the selection of tool handles you've been looking for. Stop in today!

  • Hammers

  • Sledgehammers

  • Picks

  • Axes

  • Multiple sizes available

A variety of quality tool handles

At Surplus Tools & Commodities you can always expect to find low prices on everything in the store. Making your visit even more interesting, we're sure to have something new and different, every single time you come in!


Give us a call at 303-777-4580 to ask any questions, or head over to the shop today and experience a truly unique shopping experience.

Great prices on a changing selection

Come in frequently to keep up with the ever-changing inventory at Surplus Tools & Commodities!

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